Marathon healing

I am still recuperating from the marathon, so I’m not sure if the different body aches are disease or mary related. One thing I do understand is milk based hot chocolate was a poor concept last night because I am coughing up things that shouldn’t be discussed in public.

The week after a marathon is called Zero Week. Hal Hidgon has a fantastic breakdown of precisely what you ought to do (or not do) in the time after the race:

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Generally, it takes a minimum of two to three weeks for the body to recuperate from the strain of running 26 miles 385 yards. Return as well rapidly as well as you boost your danger of injury. Some professionals suggest resting someday for each mile you run in the marathon, therefore 26 days of no difficult running or racing! Others suggest someday for each kilometer, therefore 42 days rest. frequently the identifying element is not exactly how rapidly your body recovers, however exactly how rapidly your mind recovers, because you temporarily will have lost your primary training goal. Olympic champion Frank shorter says: “You’re not prepared to run one more marathon up until you’ve forgotten the last one.”

I plan to take it simple for the rest of the week as well as then begin getting prepared for my half marathon (Feb. 7th) next week. My body feels surprisingly well thinking about exactly how much I battered it on Sunday ?

My Marathon healing – Tuesday/Day 2 after the marathon: My legs are a bit sore as well as tired. My neck/shoulder area is likewise sore. instantly after the race my knee was hurting, however that has quite much went away.  Overall, my muscles feel extremely tight as well as ought to most likely spend a long time stretching. I have the energy to opt for a walk as well as I want to make sure my muscles stay unwinded so that’s the plan for today.

While I was making breakfast I snacked on a ton of blubes:

Breakfast was oat bran with soy milk, chia seeds, vanilla, cinnamon, stevia as well as topped with PB. I truly wished to add cottage cheese, however believed the dairy would only make my cough worse. yesterday I chosen up a set of three water bottles from Costco (I seriously plug that like Costco is my last name). I lost my valuable big water bottle at some point on our method to Florida ? I was devastated. because that water bottle was so huge it takes three to fill it’s location in my heart. I was believing about providing one to Ben, however then I realized that would be silly. I am going to fill them up every morning as well as make sure to drink them all each day. Actually, drinking water is never a issue for me  not counting Sunday’s marathon where I persuaded myself I was over-hydrating as well as wasn’t letting myself drink enough.

I will see you all in a bit ? Make it a fantastic day!










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